Why we're here

White countries all over the world are set to become MINORITY White within DECADES.

For generations, White people have been brainwashed into thinking that we have no right to exist as a distinct race or to occupy space on the planet, but we DO. Just like every other race, White people have a legitimate instinct to want to exist AS ourselves and AMONG ourselves. This is a perfectly natural and innocent desire.


There is nothing wrong with loving your own people.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to live among your own people.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve your society FOR your own people.


We do not owe the world the country that our ancestors and our people built. Access to White people is not a human right. We do not owe all the world's children the society that WE built for OUR children. Our founding fathers secured the blessings of liberty for themselves and their posterity, not for the entire world.

As it stands though, with mass non-White immigration, very low White birthrates, forced integration in nearly all aspects of our lives, g
rowing race-mixing that is promoted by constant propaganda, and the rapidly intensifying, bitter, anti-White hatred that is encouraged by pop culture, media, even politics, and is indoctrinated into our youth in school, the blessings that our forefathers secured for us will soon be lost. We will lose not only our liberty, since non-Whites vote consistently against preserving it, but also our unique society, culture, and identity in our own land. If this brain-dead, slavish pursuit of diversity continues, White people will soon be shrinking, hated minorities in our OWN countries all over the world. If nothing changes, we are indeed facing White cultural, ethnic, and racial genocide.

America has always been and still is a White country, both in spirit and in population, but it won't be either for much longer if we don't start organizing and fighting back against the anti-White propaganda and brainwashing, decades old "colorblind" indoctrination, what is in small measure admirable, but in large measure suicidal altruism towards other races, and the thereby enabled domestic sabotage and foreign takeover of our nation and our territory that will be the demise of both our nation and our people on this continent. We must fight back.




We are STRONG.

And we will NOT abandon our grandchildren to a life with NO home, NO nation, NO security, NO people, NO identity, NO pride, and NO hope. We MUST secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

You can help.

Join the American Pro-White Network.

Who we are

The American Pro-White Network is a network of both Republican and Democrat, both Conservative and Liberal, both Capitalist and Socialist, both Christian and Pagan, both patriotic and politically exhausted, both rural and urban, both young and old, both bold and quiet, both long-time activist and the newly awakened to our racial plight.


We are a network of Americans. Alone, we can make a statement, but together, we can make a stand.

Join us.

We need you.


Your people need you.

We are not a club.

You don’t have to pay dues.

You don’t have to be interviewed.

You don’t have to sign up for a mailing list.

You don’t have to agree with administration or other members on everything.


We are here because we’re pro-White, and that has to be enough.


TALK and CONNECT - Talk with guests or other members, make plans for activism, and connect by state or city

For the benefit of the curious, the interested, the skeptical, and the critical, the first two discussion categories are "Answer Common Questions" and "Rebut Common Attacks". These are the only two discussions that non-members can view. All others are private for members only. Visitors will come here looking for answers. Don't let them down! Fill these pages with comments!

Make use of the other discussion categories to share and gain insight, debate conundrums, strategize for our cause, brainstorm ideas for activism, and suggest, discuss, and plan online or real-world activism that can be coordinated to occur concurrently nationwide.

Scroll down past the discussion categories to connect by state. Under your state, discuss state issues, strategize and coordinate local or statewide activism or events, and connect with other locals by replying to the post for your city. If no post for your city yet exists, then be the first to create one! Creating a separate post for a smaller suburb of a larger city is great, but try not to create exact duplicates, or members may be split between the duplicate posts.

Feel free to share discussion and ideas across state lines!

NOTE: Although a portion of the email address you provide when you create your account is automatically used as your profile name, this can easily and immediately be changed to a name or pseudonym. Simply access your profile from the upper right corner of the Talk and Connect page, click "edit" under your profile picture, and provide your name or chosen pseudonym.

RESOURCES - Access and share pro-White or related resources like posters, fliers, etc.

On the Resources page, you will find images to share online, simple printable posters, fliers, and small handouts, idea images for signs and banners, etc. Posters can be put up at schools, colleges, community centers, churches, on street corners, etc. Fliers and handouts can be passed out or placed on vehicles in parking lots at schools, stores, churches, businesses, or various social or political events, or even placed on vehicles parked along residential streets.


Anti-Whites have only a small number of talking points. The larger repertoire of pro-White rhetoric we have, the easier we can defeat their limited and shallow arguments. Also, the more varied activism resources and rhetoric we have, the more likely a greater number of potential activists will find some rhetoric they feel comfortable and confident disseminating. Different activists feel better with different rhetoric and different audiences respond better to different rhetoric, so an abundant variety is important.

Submit resources as either images or WORD documents. Both simple text and quality artistic resources are great!

*Please do not submit ordinary internet memes.* The only memes generally allowed are memes handmade by the Admin.

Submit resources created to print out and post or distribute. Submit banner ideas. Submit memes that match printable resources.

EVENTS - Schedule pro-White or related activities and events or see others' events

When you plan an activity or event, whether it is to take place nationally, state-wide, locally, or online, add it to the calendar! Title your event, describe it, name the location, date, and time, and if you wish, upload an image for your event. If you wish attendees to RSVP, note this and tell them how to do so. (You can provide an email address or phone number or give instructions to like or reply to a post about the event on the Talk and Connect page.) Submit your event for the calendar by sending a message on the Contact page with the above information and uploading the event image on the Contact page as though wishing to add it to the Resources page or photo album. Be sure to mention the event image in your main message so it isn't missed.

PHOTO ALBUM - View and contribute to an archive of our personal and group activism


Upload pictures or videos of your activity or event! Whether it's a crowd of hundreds at a rally or just you holding a flag on a street corner, whether it's a banner over an overpass or just a handout on a car windshield, whether it's a poster you got from the Resources page or one you created yourself or acquired elsewhere, whether it's explicitly pro-White or just implicitly to our benefit (patriotic, against illegal immigration, etc.), share your activism to inspire others and archive our work!

CONTACT - Contact administration, schedule events, upload resources, or add to the photo album

Your submitted events, resources, and photos will be screened and placed appropriately and your questions and suggestions will be replied to as soon as possible.

How it works

#AmericanProWhiteNetwork   #WhiteNet   Facebook page: White Net

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