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Are you sick of being told to feel "white guilt" for things you had nothing to do with or even your ancestors had nothing to do with?

Are you sick of having all the results of your hard work and your parents' and grandparents' hard work be slandered as mere "privilege"?

Are you sick of being told that while other races are legitimate people groups with legitimate concerns, legitimate identity, and legitimate human rights, "whiteness" is just a social construct that should be conquered and destroyed for the betterment of humanity?

Are you sick of "diversity" meaning that nothing - no school, no workplace, no organization, no political committee, no community, no activity, no circle of friends - can be allowed to be too White?
Are you sick of "diversity" always meaning fewer White people and that always being called a “strength”?
Are you sick of diversity being enthroned as “our greatest strength” when there is no evidence to suggest that racial diversity is a strength at all and instead studies show that it weakens populations by compromising their community cohesion?

Are you sick of diversity always being needed when a group is too White, but if you suggest that something is too Black or too Brown, you’re just a racist oppressor trying to stick your “white privileged” nose where it doesn’t belong?

Are you sick of mass White immigration to Black or Brown countries being slammed as colonialism, oppression, and genocide, but mass Black and Brown immigration to White countries being praised as diversity, cultural enrichment, and a human right?

Are you sick of White countries being "for everyone" or we're "racist white supremacists", but Black and Brown countries being only for Black and Brown people and White people being called "racist white supremacists" if we suggest that those countries should be "for everyone" too?

Are you sick of being told that "the future is brown" and that distinctly White societies shouldn't exist anymore?

Are you sick of being told that you're racist if you want to marry White and that it's supremacist for you to want your grandchildren to look like your grandparents and your descendants to carry on the genetic lineage of your ancestors?

Are you sick of being told that "White" is not a race, when you know that people of White (European) descent are as much a distinct genetic race and cultural people group as are people of Asian or Black (African) descent?
Are you sick of being told that calling dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes beautiful is healthy pride in one's ethnicity, but calling fair skin, fair hair, and light eyes beautiful is "white supremacy"?

Are you sick of being told that "Black pride" or "Brown pride" is an indication of a healthy appreciation for one's identity, connection to one's culture and heritage, and concern for one's people, but "White pride" is evil, racist, and oppressive?

Are you sick of being told that your race is the most evil to have ever walked the planet, when you know that the White race is certainly no worse than any other and has, in fact, contributed an extraordinary amount of goodness, kindness, sacrifice, service, and moral advancement to this world?

Are you sick of being aware that, if current immigration numbers and racial birthrates continue, the United States is on track to become minority White by 2042, but that for White people to be alarmed by this unprecedented demographic transformation and replacement is racist, supremacist, and xenophobic?

Are you sick of knowing that behavioral traits, social priorities, criminality, intelligence level, and other factors vary on average between racial groups, but that acknowledging the benefit of maintaining a population of people with preferable behavioral traits, common social priorities, low criminality, and high average intelligence is considered evil, racist, and supremacist?

Are you sick of scientific studies on racial differences, persistent cultural tendencies, and racial crime statistics being labeled “hate speech” and even “hate facts” whenever they reflect negatively on other races, and being called a “white supremacist” abusing your “white privilege” if you try to discuss these subjects?

Are you sick of being told that America is a melting pot when you know that America is only a melting pot of Europeans?
Are you sick of being told that America is "a nation of immigrants" and was "built by immigrants" when you know that America is a nation built from the ground up by European pioneers and that it's impossible to immigrate to a nation that hasn't been built yet?
Are you sick of knowing that Europeans created America and a multi-racial hodgepodge will create something else, but that acknowledging that racial demographics matter will get you called racist and supremacist?
Are you sick of being told that America has always welcomed all immigrants when you know that from our first naturalization act in 1790 until after the Civil War, American citizenship was reserved only for "free White persons"?
Are you sick of being told that America was never a White country when you know that America was close to 90% White until the Immigration Act of 1965 tricked the American people into throwing open our borders to the world by promising us that it would not change the demographics of our country?
Are you sick of watching your neighborhood, your town, and your state turn more and more foreign and not being able to oppose that racial replacement and cultural transformation without being slammed as a xenophobic, racist, white supremacist?

Are you sick of being told that the mere desire to preserve a White racial and societal identity built through thousands of years of shared genetics, history, and culture is wrong, oppressive, and supremacist?

Are you sick of being told that America turning minority-White and becoming mixed and brown will be “progress” and “a good thing” and that if you’re not sure you want this transformation to happen, you’re just a hateful, xenophobic, white supremacist?

Are you sick of people claiming to be “anti-racist” when they’re really just anti-White?

Are you sick of people claiming to want a “post-racial” America when what they really mean is a post-White America?
Are you sick of being told that America doesn't belong to us anymore, that it never did in the first place, and that we must allow ourselves to be racially replaced because we don't deserve to want to preserve a homeland for our people?
Are you sick of being told that this land belonged to the Amerindians first, so to rectify their loss, we must now give the land away to Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatemalans, Japanese, Koreans, Iraqis, and Somalis, and that that will somehow make up for what happened to the Indians?

Are you sick of knowing that the Amerindians fell to racial and cultural genocide through mass migration and high White birthrates and they are pitied for not having had the strength to resist that demographic transformation, but that if we Americans even suggest that we try to resist the mass migration and higher Brown birthrate that is the demographic transformation leading to our own racial and cultural genocide, we are vilified as racist, oppressive, white supremacists?

Are you sick of “White nationalist” being a slur, but people who want to preserve Black nations, Asian nations, Arab nations, Hispanic nations, and other native populations being just fine?

Are you sick of being made to cater to other races and cultures as they do nothing but spit on our race and our culture?

Are you sick of being told that giving preference to non-White applicants for college and employment is appropriate because their racial identity means that they deserve special treatment at our expense?

Are you sick of being told that everything White people create, everything White culture produces, and everything White history and heritage has left us has to be open and free for people of all races to use and appreciate or we’re racist oppressors, but that White people using or appreciating anything that Black or Brown people create, that their culture produces, or that their history and heritage has left them is “cultural appropriation” and therefore racist?

Are you sick of our monuments and other remembrances to our heroes being vandalized and torn down as other races and indoctrinated youth become ever more hateful, bitter, and aggressive toward us and our heritage?

Are you sick of being told that the voices and ideas of White people are less important, less valuable, and insufficient compared to the voices and ideas of “people of color”?

Are you sick of being told that “people of color” deserve “safe spaces” to celebrate their own identity and to protect themselves from the burden of the presence of White people, but that for Whites to want our own "safe spaces" is evil, racist, and supremacist?

Are you sick of being told that White people need to “check our privilege”, be quiet, and listen to “people of color”?

Are you sick of being told that White people should have fewer babies in order to protect the environment, but that we then need to import more Black and Brown babies to make up for our population loss?

Are you sick of public education in America being filled with anti-White propaganda, beating into White children that they need to constantly second-guess and reject their own instinctive “White” feelings, observations, and opinions, constantly doubt their White upbringing and their White parents’ teachings and opinions, always remember that their own achievements are never deserved, that the rewards of their hard work or talent are really only the unfair and unearned benefits of their “white privilege”, that they must submit to hating their own people and heritage in order to be good human beings, and that they can show their true worth by uplifting “people of color”?

Are you sick of your children being told that they should step aside so a "person of color" can take their place?

Are you sick of being told that White people who want the White race and White societies to continue to exist - White people who simply oppose White genocide - are “racist, oppressive, supremacist, and evil” and must be stamped out as the scourge of the Earth?


If so, then you're in the right place.

We’re sick of it too.

Welcome to the American Pro-White Network.

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